1. Trade Activation

    When you are planning on bringing a brand to LIFE, the highly trained staff at United Brand can support you in making your dream a reality.

    We assist our partners to energise, promote and remain dedicated to their visions. We create experiences that fuel connections between brands and the people vital to their success. We anchor brand building, brand activation and field marketing services. Read More

  2. Wholesale Activation

    A well crafted distribution strategy concentrates on activating the channel partners at multiple touch points. At United Brand, we understand our clients’ need for the same and therefore apart from retail seeding programs, we undertake wholesale activation programs for our clients in the target markets which directly benefit the brand by escalated sales. Read More

  3. Digital Service Activation

    The telecoms industry has always been ultra-competitive ranging from tariff wars, data deals or handset exclusives. Today’s digital transformation has further intensified the challenges, as today’s connected consumers increasingly expect brands to engage with them across every available digital channel as most customers will be more loyal to telecoms companies when they have good experiences. Read More

  4. Destination Merchandise

    United Brand specializes in creating high end merchandising products that are not only attractive, but also communicate brand message to the consumers. We customize merchandising solutions to ‘fit’ each client’s needs. Read More

  5. Transaction Builders

    When customers buy a transaction-builder item, they are required to purchase several more products. For example, if someone buys a gallon of paint, they’ll need to buy a brush, a roller, a drop cloth, and all the other accessories required to use the paint. Read More

  6. Image Enhancers

    This type of merchandise wows customers and heightens their impression of your business. All retailers should maintain a level of at least 10% of this type of merchandise as part of its overall inventory mix. Note that while customers are wowed by these products, they don’t necessarily buy them; which is why you want to keep the amount low and controllable. Read More